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GPS Tracking Equipment - From the Covert Spy Shop .com

For the latest in GPS information and Waypoints visit the Global Waypoint Authority:  

The Waypoint Registry

GPS Tracking Service Provider

Here’s your chance to start your own business with very little investment and a huge untapped market! No experience necessary: our experts will train you to succeed. Take advantage of the exploding market in security and anti-theft / anti-terrorism.

Did you know that Vehicle Theft in the US amounts to more than $12 billion each year according to the FBI ! Now GWR (Global Waypoint Registry) presents a unique, extremely profitable business opportunity for mission critical Vehicle Management based on the ability to track and locate vehicles, and control / provide information supporting vehicle operators using cutting edge space age satellite technology!

This extremely accurate tracking technology (based on a combination of best of breed technologies including the Dept. of Defense (DoD) GPS (Global Positioning System) ) is now available from G.W.R. to be resold in the form of Vehicle Tracking, Locating, and Information Technologies, or AVL (Automated Vehicle Location).

To learn more Contact Us by e-mail, 

Financial elements of this business:

Currently, the Covert Spy Shop is offering a GPS Business Opportunity in the form of an integrated, secure service, combining GPS vehicle location and information communication technology. As a certified GWR - GPS Tracking Service Provider, and if managed properly, this GPS business can be very rewarding, as profits may come from any of the following:

Spy Gear  Equipment Sales
Spy Gear  Installations, removals, and reinstall fees
Spy Gear  Reoccurring Revenues based on multi- year monitoring agreements
Spy Gear  Sales of add-on equipment (for example: credit card readers)
Spy Gear  Rentals (for example: to private investigators)
Spy Gear  Investigations- by providing reports to clients during their investigations

Technology elements of this business:

The GPS Tracking Service Provider has 2 main applications:

Spy Gear  The ability to supply Vehicle Tracking and Location Technologies
Spy Gear  The ability to supply Vehicle Information and Communication Technologies

Both technologies go together, forming a symbiotic relationship between primary and secondary applications.

The Primary Vehicle Tracking and Location Technologies are used for: emergency and rescue vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks) fleet vehicle management (taxis, transporters, vans, trucks) employee location, performance, and safety (business user) vehicles under surveillance (suspected criminals)

The Secondary Vehicle Information and Communication Technologies are used for Tracking, Monitoring, and Exchanging Information in the following:

Spy Gear  Communicating with vehicle operators
Spy Gear  Locating & alerting operators of travel information
Spy Gear  Sending & receiving internet based information
Spy Gear  Processing financial network based information
Spy Gear  This Information and Communication Technology stems from the GWR Telematics of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems).

These Primary and Secondary technologies form a synergy, enabling people to succeed in Vehicle Management. Vehicle Management is a difficult yet potentially profitable industry.

How you will receive potential profits:
You will receive service fees, lease / sales hardware fees, installation fees as well as residuals and / or other amounts for the technology to find vehicles, reporting & logging their activity (or inactivity), their physical & temporal locations through time changes, and send / receive valuable data. APPLY NOW

The Sales / Lease benefit:
The GPS Tracking Service Provider (YOU) would go to each person and sell, lease, or rent them the hardware, software, enabling them to keep track of their vehicles.

You will receive service fees, hardware fees, installation fees, or sales operation fees for the tracking equipment.

Should you choose to lease, you will receive other fees such as residual payments for the services of tracking equipment (hardware) and software.

The need:

People have to know where their people & vehicles are. The requirement is vital to all people, all businesses, governments, and organizations. They have to know any time of the day, the week, the year, real-time location & they need to be able to generate reporting logs.

Understanding the need by example:

Let's say you know 4 people who have the need to track vehicles.

Person A is responsible for 34 police cars at a police precinct
Person B is responsible for 9 ambulance & 3 mobile hospital vans at a hospital.
Person C is responsible for 39 taxis & 7 limousines at a taxi & limousine service.
Person D has 4 children, 2 who are allowed to borrow the family cars until 11pm.

Each person needs to know where each vehicle is at all times, keeping track of the vehicle location, activity, inactivity, speed & duration of travel time, departure time, and arrival time.

Each person needs to be able to send and receive messages (communication information) with the vehicle operators, instructing them with information and electronic data, in a secure and private manner.

Each person needs to be able to control the vehicles they are accountable for. By knowing information about each vehicle and the environments they are traveling through, regardless of the vehicle operator’s cooperation, each person will be able to retain authority over them, as well as support them throughout their travels.

By being able to track vehicles and maintain communication enhanced by information, each person will be able to manage vehicles in many different ways. 

The Speed:
Using cost effective SMS technology, GWR (Global Waypoint Registry) AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) systems merge GPS and wireless data in order to track, monitor, and exchange location information and data communication with vehicle operators and a central monitoring station control center. This information exchange will happen at real time speeds, and at an efficient price that will not inhibit its resale.

Technology Origins:

GPS technology was built for global geographic & temporal mapping of Earth by the US military.

Within this technology, there exists a sub-technology that GWR utilizes and now offers for resale when sending and receiving location information for security and control of personal, commercial, and law enforcement information.

This sub-technology outlined the basic path for GPS Vehicle Tracking capability to become useful in finding vehicles, for example:

Back in the 1980’s, GPS Tracking in the security industry centers on the ability to use GPS Satellite information to locate and monitor a car or boat on a map, determine speeds, departure and arrival time, and other facts of value to those in control.

This sub-technology is now offered with fantastic features not available in the 1980’s.
GPS was officially made available for non-military use in the mid 1980's, beginning with geological and naval surveys of the planet. After time, the commercial GPS markets focused
on the trucking industry. Only recently did GWR -  AVL technology (Automated Vehicle Location) and Cellular Modem technology become available to GWR - GPS Service Providers.

Therefore, G.W.R. is offering this powerful technology to opportunity seekers who can resell and reap the benefits of vehicle tracking.

The GWR - GPS Service Provider: Information Communication Technology

Currently, the Covert Spy Shop and the G.W.R. is offering a GPS Business Opportunity in the form of an integrated service, combining GPS vehicle location and information communication technology. This format combines geographic location and time, all within a business opportunity package for vehicle location management.

The GPS Tracking Services harness & control the following 3 types of Information: Local Information, Emergency & Cautionary Information, & Network Information.

Local Information
Information is made available to vehicles that require support, assistance on the road during an emergency, and Local Information. Local Information consists of accumulated facts vehicle operators may use while traveling. Local Information provides fuel & repair stations in relationship to the vehicle's location. Local Information also consists of hospitals, police stations, fire stations, food & convenience shops, parks & rest areas, etc.

Emergency & Cautionary Information
Information is disseminated for vehicles during Emergency & Cautionary situations, during alternate travel conditions, or even crises conditions. The alerts can be automatic, or customized for each vehicle according to its location by the GPS service provider. Emergency & Cautionary situation communications report accident & traffic problems, routes to avoid, alternate routes to navigate through, construction problems and areas under repair, weather emergencies, natural disasters / relief effort coordination provided to help service providers to speed responses to incident locations, etc.

Network Information
Information for the mobile internet user provides convenience to users with data that is relevant for their actual position. For example, local restaurants, repair facilities, or hospitals exist in many places, but using network information, the mobile internet user can receive localized service listings, instead of nation / country wide based listings. This ‘filtration’ process makes it useful and easy to use.

Vehicle location billing & accounting networks also play an important part in Network Information. They remain in constant communication between the vehicle subscribers and the management in control of the vehicles. The management may collect and process all billing details from vehicle subscribers set up. For example, taxis, limousines, truckers (movers & transporter courier businesses), as well as naval – marine commuter vehicles, locomotive transportation & bussing agencies may all be accounted for by billing & accounting networks.

How to Get Started

To provide the Covert Spy Shop and the G.W.R.  GPS services, you may begin by filling out our application. This will help us respond to your inquiry. However, if you currently have clients with immediate needs, CONTACT US directly with any questions you might have. We will explain the following factors needed to get started, and how they will help you supply GPS Services:

Spy Gear  Marketing, sales, & equipment training
Spy Gear  Initial product inventory kit with tracking equipment and software
Spy Gear  Special quantity pricing schedule
Spy Gear  3 year warranty on parts
Spy Gear  Vehicle location concerning singular / groups of vehicles (fleets) are vital to Vehicle    Spy Gear  Management, security, safety, financial, and information factors. 

By using the GWR -

GPS systems, live communication of information can exist far from home, help to remote-control vehicles in distant areas, and decrease the cost long distance information and vehicle management.

APPLY NOW - To the Global Waypoint Registry through in cooperation with: 


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