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Kidnap - Ransom and Extortion

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance

Cover can be arranged for Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion risks separately or as a combined policy with Lloyds underwriters or through prime Insurance Companies. This specialist area of insurance protection is becoming more relevant and necessary for individuals and their families, as well as companies and their employees

Insurance protection includes:

KIDNAPPING OR ALLEGED KIDNAPPING, BODILY INJURY, EXTORTION: any threat to kill physically injure or kidnap an insured party for ransom monies. 

PROPERTY/PRODUCT DAMAGE, EXTORTION: an actual incident of or any threat to damage buildings, premises or contaminate products manufactured or distributed by Insured.

IN TRANSIT LOSS OF RANSOM MONIES: protection against loss of ransom monies due to the destruction, disappearance or wrongful appropriation of ransom monies while being delivered.

EXPENSE COSTS INCURRED BY THE INSURED: These include fees for independent negotiators and consultants, reward interest for a loan, legal fees, damages and salary compensation. 
Additional coverage available

RECALL EXPENSE: Reimbursement for reasonable expenses stemming from an extortion threat that call for the inspection, recall and destruction of contaminated goods.

BUSINESS INTERRUPTION: Identifies insured for loss of earnings resulting from necessary interruption of business caused directly by a kidnapping or extortion incident.

EXTORTION CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS: Covers the cost of replacement and repair for damaged, destroyed or recalled goods. 

DEATH OR DISMEMBERMENT: If an insured person sustains bodily injury during a kidnap, dismemberment benefit is available, also violent or accidental death cover. 

WRONGFUL DETENTION: Insured will be reimbursed for salary losses and costs resulting from an act of involuntary confinement by a host government or other organization.

Protection can be tailored to suit any individual requirement. Security guidelines and contingency planning is given with the insurance policy.

In addition to the policy coverage, the program provides immediate and priority response consultation to assist and advise the Insured, or their nominated beneficiaries in the event of kidnap, ransom or extortion. This service is provided by a trained team of experts who will also come to the required location as necessary. Insurers play no role in managing an incident apart from paying the claim via their expert consultants.

A new product called Confidential Life Cover is available via Heritage Insurance for CEO's and board members to insure key personnel without their knowledge against death, kidnapping etc. 

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