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Own a Retail Spy Equipment Store - with The Covert Spy Shop

Open your own retail Counter Spy Shop security store.

Would you like to carry an exciting new line of Hi-Tech Security & Surveillance products? To do this alone is difficult. Like re-inventing the wheel, it is possible to build your own business. However, it would make sense to investigate how the Covert Spy Shops operate and succeed. It would even make more sense to carry their product-lines.

The success stories of the Covert Spy Shops originate in London, England. They are the results of an engineering company that has specialized in counter-espionage Security and Surveillance equipment since the mid 1960’s.

The Covert Spy Shop also learned that Individuals and businesses became aware of the need to protect their information, their assets, and their privacy with professional equipment. The group turned the front of the store into a reception room, and the hidden rear of the store into a retail showroom consultation center where customers could sit down, explain their problem, and purchase standard or ‘customized’ solutions.

The Covert Spy Shop is the expert in launching retail Spy businesses. With an emphasis on unique and useful products, as well as hi-tech SPY INDUSTRY TOOLS, the retail Covert Spy Shops attract all kinds of clients who want ‘cool’ equipment only dreamt up for Spy Movies.

The Covert Spy Shop (CSS) is the leader in helping you launch your own retail Covert Spy Shop. 


As a direct result of manufacturing, designing, and systems integration capabilities, CSS is best equipped for retail operational support. Cover Spy Shop customizes Security and Surveillance equipment for retail Covert Spy Shops as over-the-counter problem solving needs have increased.

Who are our clients?

Spy Gear  CEO’s
Spy Gear  Corporations
Spy Gear  Law Enforcement & Government Agencies
Spy Gear  Small Business Owners
Spy Gear  Bankers
Spy Gear  Attorneys
Spy Gear  Executives
Spy Gear  Celebrities
Spy Gear  High Profile Individuals
Spy Gear  Your Next Door Neighbors

Are you allowed to use spy equipment and devices?

There are legitimate uses, but ultimately it is up to you to determine the laws that are applicable to your country or state. Buying these spy devices are legal, but what you use it for might not be.

Spy equipment is an oddball collection of useful tools and bizarre oddities.

The most common pieces of spy equipment are surveillances devices such as hidden microphones and cameras. To defeat this surveillance equipment, these same vendors will then sell you counter-surveillance equipment such as tap detectors and bug sweeping equipment.

Also in this category are personal protection tools such as stun guns, mace, and pepper spray.

Some of this equipment may not be legal to purchase or own, depending upon where you live. Be careful when you mail-order spy equipment.

Pricing on spy equipment varies wildly between vendors. There is No Need to Shop around for the best price, because the Covert Spy Shop dot com Guarantees you the Best Price Anywhere!

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Covert Spy Shop the latest in wholesale, cheap and inexpensive surveillance spy cameras and equipment in Las Vegas.

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